skincare 101, part 1: the basic buzzwords

skincare. It can be super daunting. We get it, everyone’s gotta use their trusty friend google every now-and-again. But sometimes google can be overwhelming, too. So, no worries, we’ve got your back. Welcome to part 1 of our Skincare 101. All in one place. That’s right, you don’t have to search through 20 pages of google and loads of random beauty blogs to find 1 answer. We’re gonna go through the basics of skincare, for beginners and pros alike. Time to brush up on what you don’t know, what you wanna know, and even on what you already DO know. 

cleanser / face wash 

alright, let’s start with cleanser / face wash. Ok, yes, we’re starting off easy. This one is literally exaaactly what it sounds like. It cleans your skin, removes makeup, and prepares you for your skin routine. If you get a good cleanser (like our de-stress face wash ;)), it can also do things like stimulate cell growth, moisturize, and soften skin. 


toner is like your backup dancer and pre-game all in one. we say backup dancer because sometimes cleanser doesn’t do it all, there’s probably still some makeup and environmental pollution goin on. We say pre-game because toner is the ultimate prep for max absorption of your skincare routine, it also (definitely should) helps balance your skin’s natural pH levels.

exfoliators (chemical vs physical)

We know, chemical sounds a little scary-- but we promise it’s not. chemical exfoliants use chemicals in order to exfoliate, typically allowing the gradual shedding of skin layers in order to even out uneven skin tone and promote new cell growth. There are two different types of common chemical exfoliants AHA’s (alpha-hydroxy acids) and BHA’s (beta hydroxy acids). AHA’s are water-soluble, the hero of removing dead skin, a moisture holder within your skin, and a collagen producer. The most common AHA’s are glycolic acid (like our revive glow exfoliator) and lactic acid.  BHA’s are the more intense cousin of AHA’s; they typically work better for those with acneic and oily skin as they are oil-soluble. Unlike the AHA’s gradual, more gentle removal of dead skin, BHA’s deeply penetrate pores and remove unwanted yuckies. However, BHA’s are NOT a humectant like AHA’s.. So it’s common for your skin to dry out while using them. 

Physical exfoliants, are probably what you think of when you think of “exfoliator.” It’s likely some sort of ground-up grain, fruit, or nut. Sometimes called a “scrub.” Just be careful, because some large exfoliant agents can cause micro-tears in your skin. This is why we tend to prefer chemical exfoliants; however, physical exfoliants can be a really powerful addition to your routine! But first, Ask google, a doctor,  a skincare expert friend, or DM / message us. Make sure your skin is gettin all the happy tears and none of the micro-tears ;)  


You may be thinking, “what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is a softener?!” Softeners are also called essences, infusions, and waters. In other words, they literally soften your skin, boost it’s plumpy dewiness, while also moisturizing. It provides pretty immediate moisture as softeners tend to absorb really quickly. They also can help improve the overall texture of your skin and any visible signs of aging. 



Hopefully, most of your products are moisturizing. But like, what is the actual definition of a moisturizer? Well, we think a classic moisturizer should do a few things: supplement water loss, regenerate cells and fatty acids, promote elastin growth, increase the skin’s dermal water reservoirs, and refill hydration of cellular lipids. Oh, and also, your moisturizer should always help control the skin’s microfloral balance. Even if we’re biased, to be honest, our dermatologist nailed it with our h-acqua power hyaluronic soothing sorbet. Seriously, this is probably the answer to all your moisturizer questions and dreams. 

eye creams

eye cream is, well, cream that goes on your eye. Did you know that your under eyes lack the oil glands that are all over the rest of your face? So yes, it’s pretty essential to keep them moisturized. Your undereye skin is extremely delicate and goes through a lot every day, so it’s super important to give them the TLC they want and deserve. Eye cream typically helps combat dark circles, inflammation/puffiness, and signs of aging. 


Yes, there are antioxidants in berries. But that’s not quite what we are talking about. antioxidants in skincare are what many skinstagrammers and bloggers are calling “liquid gold.”. Our supercharged antioxidant, vitamin c e ferulic, helps neutralize free radicals and protect against oxidative stress while also providing visible anti-aging benefits. Antioxidants do a really amazing job at preventing and reversing sun-induced damage, resulting in a brighter more even complexion. Oh yeah, and they tend to help firm your skin… helllooooo youthful looking skin. It’s definitely the 1st product you should reach for in the morning as it combats signs of aging and environmental damage.

skin renewal

Ok, we admit, skin renewal is a big one to take on… but we’ll keep it simple until we get into the nitty-gritty. Skin Renewal skincare is exactly that, it helps reverse the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, refine and retexturize your skin. Ingredients like syn-ake, argireline, retinol, telomere accelerators, and more are used. We promise we will tell you what all those things mean soon.

We are signing off for now, but can’t wait to go more in-depth on the ingredients that make skincare happen. I’m sure you’ve heard the words “retinol” or “hyaluronic acid” thrown around and we promise, we will get into it soon in. We are leaving no one in the dark in this skincare 101. If you have questions let us know, we want to answer them. 

we got you. talk soon.


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