About Us

Midsummer Skin is a groundbreaking neurocosmetic skincare collection that has been sourced by nature and created by science.

The non-toxic formulas consist of bioactive phytonutrients, botanical stem cells, and carefully curated active ingredients that provide a natural and balanced skin aging support.

Scientifically created and dermatologically approved, the pioneering line excels in neuroageing technology.

The neuroscience behind it has long been looked at in other fields including brain aging and health.

Midsummer Skin effectively innovates with a cutting-edge researched technology that stimulates the skin's sensory receptors focusing on boosting energy inside the skin cells, improving their ability to transmit information to the brain and triggering cell regeneration

This process activates the biological process that regenerate skin at the cellular level, protecting itself from environmental damage, while encouraging healthy cell turnover.

The continuous use of combined midsummer skin efficacious skincare line helps enhance the healthy appearance of skin and promotes a natural and balanced aging process.

Our founder has a true relationship with our products. She believes that age has to be gratefully embraced and that the goal isn’t to fight against it, but to feel good and healthy as we age. She put together a highly educated team of dermatologists and pharmaceutical scientists to create intelligent skincare that preserve our balance and harmony, as we age, supporting resilience and radiance.

Midsummer Skin line has been researched, created, developed, and improved in a fully accredited FDA state-of-the-art laboratory.

Midsummer active ingredients are advanced pharmaceutical-grade. Each formula is tested in vitro for safety by experienced chemists and clinically tested by physicians to validate efficacy. The lab also utilizes human volunteers for clinical trials as an alternative to animal testing. Midsummer Skin never tests on animals and never will test on animals. They are our friends!